NASA’s Kepler Press Conference (video)


The Kepler mission’s science team announced its latest finding at a press conference on Monday, Dec. 5, 2011. The team announced the confirmation of Kepler-22b, its first planet found in the “habitable zone,” the region where liquid water could exist on a planet’s surface. The planet is about 2.4 times the radius of Earth, orbits around a star similar to our sun and is located 600 light-years away. Scientists don’t yet know if Kepler-22b has a predominantly rocky, gaseous or liquid composition, but its discovery is a step closer to finding Earth-like planets. The planet’s host star belongs to the same class as our sun, called G-type, although it is slightly smaller and cooler.

Kepler also has discovered 1,094 new planet candidates, nearly doubling its previously known count. Since the last catalog was released in February, the number of planet candidates identified by Kepler has increased by 89 percent and now totals 2,326. Of these, 207 are approximately Earth-size, 680 are super Earth-size, 1,181 are Neptune-size, 203 are Jupiter-size and 55 are larger than Jupiter. The findings, based on observations conducted May 2009 to September 2010, show a dramatic increase in the numbers of smaller-size planet candidates.

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How big is Kepler 22b

Below is a digram below highlights the size of Kepler 22-b in comparison to Earth. It is estimated to be 2.4 times larger then Earth (NASA). It is also estimated to be 35 Earth masses or if an ‘ocean world’ roughly 10 Earth masses.

Water anywhere?
The current data from NASA shows size. Further analysis will need to be carried out to indicate the planets mass.
Source: NASA
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Welcome to Planet Kepler

“Planet Kepler-22b could already be inhabited with lifeform”

Planet Kepler was detected orbiting a star 600 light years away from Earth.  The planet, Kepler-22b, is about twice the size of Earth and may have a surface temperature of around 22C – similar to an English Spring day.,

This website is a resource for breaking news from Kepler 22b.

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