Watch the Mars Landing online

It’s a big day tomorrow for Earthlings as they await the landing of NASA’s space rover ‘Curiosity’. Curiosity will look for “the ingredients of life”, the essential molecules and elements that go into living things.

The landing will mark the beginning of a two-year prime mission to investigate Mars and is due to land on Monday, August 6 at 1:31 a.m / EDT 6:30am (BST)

There are four ways to watch the Mars Landing

  • Online: The foolproof way of keeping up with Curiosity as it descends upon Mars is to tune into NASA TV’s web live stream.
  • Cable: Many cable and satellite companies carry NASA TV to subscribers. Check with your provider for what channel you can find NASA on in your region.
  • Xbox: Open your Xbox 360 dashboard and watch the streaming NASA TV broadcast of Curiosity landing on the Red Planet. With all things Mars on your mind, take your own shot at the landing and play the free Kinect Mars Rover Landing game.
  • In person: Want to watch the landing in the company of fellow space geeks? Your local museum or observatory will likely be holding a screening. Check for events in your area with NASA’s guide.

Images will also be beamed back live from NASA and a mission report will follow shortly afterwards


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